Office 365: manage folders with MFCMAPI

Office 365: manage folders with MFCMAPI

MFCMAPI is a low-level tool , capable of hiding, moving or deleting folders in Exchange Online / Office 365 or in Exchange On-premises. It used in case of problems or for troubleshooting. To hide special folders or folders in Outlook or used to ” reactivate ” invisible folders. MFCMAPI provides access to the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) archives to facilitate problem analysis in Exchange Server and Outlook.

NB: MFCMAPI is a low-level editing tool. It designed for experienced users and developers, making a mistake could result in total destruction of mailbox data.

MFCMAPI downloaded from GitHub in 32-bit or 64-bit version and used according to the version of Outlook and not that of the operating system . Once MFCMAPI executed, we will have to log in to the session from the “Session” menu. Then select the profile we are going to work on,

Open the mailbox store in relation to the folder to be managed, then expand “Root Container”. In the case of an additional mailbox and in English expand “Upper-level information store”

Let’s take a look at the “TEST-FOLDER” folder which, as you can see, is clearly present under the “Inbox” folder

Hide a folder

Select the folder to manage in MFCMAPI with the following actions: hide, unhide, delete, or move. Select Property-> Advanced-> Edit given property

  1. In the ” Property Tag ” field enter ” 0x10F4000B ” which will resolve the Property Name ” PR_ATTR_HIDDEN (PidTagAttributeHidden, ptagAttrHidden) “
  2. Confirm with OK and activate the tick on “ Boolean ”
  3. From this moment the folder is no longer visible in Outlook even if it actually exists. If you try to create it, an error will be returned

Show a hidden folder

  1. Select the folder to make visible, double click on the property ” PR_ATTR_HIDDEN “
  2. Disable the flag on ” Boolean “; the folder is visible again in Outlook and Outlook Web App.


MFCMAPI is useful when there are problems with folders, which are not too improbable cases when attending to Exchange via Apple Mail and therefore via EWS.

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